Tuesday, October 04, 2005

And finally, another look at the windmill in the sunset....aahh... Posted by Picasa

Beautiful....peaceful... Posted by Picasa

More church bells... Posted by Picasa

These are tomatoes done in the local style. She was making these for someone else; I'll have to go back soon. Posted by Picasa

There was a wonderful little cafe in the tiny cove. The owners had been in business for 30 years. I hope they stay in business for at least another 30: The white eggplant that is unique to Santorini and the tiny deep-fried fish that you ate whole were unbelievably good. Paired with a glass of Greek wine....bliss...  Posted by Picasa

Then there were the "Taxis"...yes, they shouted out taxi! as they saw me climbing the steep cliff path from the sea to the town. Posted by Picasa

The churches were beautiful...I became quite enchanted by the bell towers (more following). see... Posted by Picasa

Here's another view. The town is built alongside of the steep cliffs, right down to the sea. Posted by Picasa

Ok, back to Greece. I never showed you any pictures of Santorini, except for that one windmill against the evening sunset (see October 2004 archives)...so here's some more. When the owner showed me to my room in the Hotel Delfini, she dramatically flung open the balcony doors, and this was the view I saw. I was hooked.  Posted by Picasa

Exploring New Ways

Hi! I've been working on my book about life transitions and living your life from the inside out, and needed a little entertainment....so I'm trying out all of the things I haven't used on my blog! This is the e-mail to blog feature, I can be anywhere and send an e-mail and poof! it will appear on my blog. So guess where I am now! :)

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A recent picture of me...now I am in Santa Fe! More to come, of Greece and other... Posted by Picasa