Friday, March 18, 2005

Krisoula & Yiannis. Scroll down to my audio file to hear the story of my time with them...and let me know if you want to hear more... Posted by Hello

The feast they made for me. Fresh goat cheese and Greek coffee were wonderful. Krisoula made me take a bag of walnuts for the road so I wouldn't have to worry about dinner... Posted by Hello

See the photo on the grave...he was quite young... Posted by Hello

The marble cemetery overlooking the valley. Manouli, Krisoula's son, Yiannis' brother, is buried here. Posted by Hello

Here are the lucky goats... Posted by Hello

Yiannis feeding the goats.. Posted by Hello

Krisoula #2 Posted by Hello

Krisoula Posted by Hello
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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ela! Ela!

Ela! Ela! Take Our Picture! Click on my audio file to hear the story of my adventure with these two wonderful residents of Demati! A mother and her son, who were goatherders, showed me the hospitality Crete is known for....More pictures follow... Posted by Hello