Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Falassarna, Crete: the far west end of the island. No e-mail connections here! Great beaches though, clear blue water, perfect temp for 1/2 hour swims. Those are tomato plants underneath the white cloth covers (see them?) Posted by Hello

Looong beach at Falassarna Posted by Hello

I stayed in this upstairs room for 5 nights in Falasarna. It had a view of the sunset, a little view of the ocean, and wonderful people who ran the place. Posted by Hello

Here he is...the Cretan shepherd from Falassarna... Posted by Hello

towards the sea... Posted by Hello

and down... Posted by Hello

And he continued to run up the mountain... Posted by Hello

Oops! That was the sheep, they didn't speak Greek (to me, at least). Here's the shepherd. Posted by Hello

After a lively conversation in Greek and my scrambling around to get a good photo as he ran with the sheep, this shepherd invited me for feta cheese, red wine, and plenty of photo opportunities in the mountains.Charming, but I declined... Posted by Hello